at Silo City

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Welks Mice/Little cake/Prairie Clamor

1st band:
Welks Mice
Vibraphone and Vocal DIY Pop Duo

2nd band:
Prairie Clamor is the stage name of William Bjorndal, a musician and songwriter from Austin, Minnesota. Dabbling a little in pop, a little in folk, and a little in experimental electronic, William creates complex musical arrangements while adhering to pop’s main tenant of keepin’ things catchy. His latest release, Next 7 Exits is his poppiest to date and muses on themes of self-discovery, redemption, and sump pumps. William is joined by his brother Peter, an audiovisual artist and music video director known mostly for his work with emotional comedy musician, Hot Dad. Peter’s bringing with him handmade laser visuals and high density fog to round out Prairie Clamor’s live performance show of music and mayhem.

3rd band:
Little cake
Enthusiastic, theatrical romance

Later Event: April 5
David Dondero


85 Silo City Row

Buffalo, NY 14203


Wednesday 3 pm-10 pm (kitchen closed)

Thursday 3 pm-10 pm

Friday 3 pm-Midnight

Saturday 12 pm-Midnight

Sunday 12 pm-7pm

*the Kitchen will be closed on Wednesday’s for the fall/winter season.


(716) 235-8380


For music bookings contact Kevin Cain at kevocain@gmail.com